About Us

Here at Performance Attire we can meet all of your apparell needs for your band, choir, or other performing group.


Our Dresses are machine washable and are made so they can be used again and again. They  have been designed for rental and will last several seasons, lowering your overall cost of purchase. We always carry a style for at least three years so you are not always buying new dresses, and can fit new girls coming into your group.

The dresses are also available in a large variety of colors and styles. We invite you to put our product to the test. We will gladly send you a sample, free of charge, so you can decide before you buy.


We carry several styles of tuxedos and a full line of accessories to go with them. Everything from studs and cuff links to a plentiful variety of colored vests.

How does $97.00 for a complete tuxedo sound? Includes the coat, pants, shirt, bow tie and cumberbun!