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Sample Dress

We can send out a sample dress to you at no cost as long as it is returned within 21 days. And the dress is in new condition.  The dress must be guaranteed with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). You may also have the sample send it out COD or you can send us a check or money order to guarantee the sample all sample have a 50.00 guarantee fee. Once the sample has been returned to us we will refund the guarantee fee. Take a look at the dresses we offer. Once you find a dress that interests you come back to this page and click the sample dress option below. Select the dress number and proceed to checkout.

Fabric Swatch

Fabric swatches can be sent out at no cost to you. Please just let us know the style of dress and the colors you looking at. Please allow 5-14 days for delivery.

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